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Dumpling AI gives your AI agents and automations the ability to intelligently scrape the web, search Google, and much more. Available in your favourite no-code platforms and via API.

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Unlock new functions in your AI solutions

Our robust toolkit is the easiest way to add multiple new capabilities to your AI solutions.

Web Scraper
Get clean AI-friendly data from any website with our web scraper.
YouTube Transcript Extractor
Extract the transcript from any YouTube video.
Web Search
Coming soon
Search the web and get the full content of the top results.
AI Research Agent
Coming soon
A powerful research agent that can research anything.
Coming soon
Use retrieval-augmented generation in your favourite no-code platforms.

Ready to use in your favourite platforms
ZapierZapier (coming soon)
API (coming soon)

Pricing Plans



  • 10,000 credits per month
  • 10 scrapes per min
  • Email support



  • 50,000 credits per month
  • 15 scrapes per min
  • Priority Email support



  • 250,000 credits per month
  • 20 scrapes per min
  • Priority email support

Frequently Asked Questions

What are credits?

Each plan gives a certain amount of credits per month. Depending on the actions and parameters you use each request will cost you from one to several credits. Most basic actions cost 1 credit. For example, a web scraping request costs 1 credit.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by clicking "Manage".

What happens if a request fails?

We only charge for successful requests, i.e returning with a 200 or 404 status code.

What happens if I run out of credits before the end of my current subscription?

You can upgrade your plan for the current month. You will be able to downgrade it later whenever you want. We're also working on overage pricing, so you can keep using the service without interruptions.