We build AI Automations for B2B Businesses

Scale your marketing and sales efforts with AI automation for content generation, email outreach, lead research, and more. We can help with the full stack from process mapping to implementation to maintenance.

A no-strings-attached intro + consultation with Yang 👋


How much does it cost?

We usually price on a per project basis. A custom quote can be provided after the free initial consultation.
If you are looking for ongoing AI Automation or Ops consulting, we also offer a monthly retainer option. Feel free to mention this in your intro call if you are interested in this option.

Who are you?

If you are reading this, chances are you have already seen my content on YouTube/TikTok. My name is Yang and I am deeply passionate about helping businesses leverage AI in their processes - some of my relevant experiences:

  • I currently lead product development at a Sequoia-backed B2B startup focused on no-code workflow automation and AI.
  • I was a Generative AI subject matter expert and presenter at Deloittes internal Generative AI Summit.
  • I have been building with LLMs since GPT-2, and have experience building multiple AI products.
  • Ex-LEK strategy consultant with experience advising multi-billion dollar companies on their most important strategic and operational decisions.